Avant Garde Dental Arts is an expert dental practice in Wayne, New Jersey, offering a range of cosmetic and general dentistry services. Its compassionate dental team has been providing state-of-the-art cosmetic, general and implant dentistry since 2000.

The Avant Garde Dental Arts team includes Alexander Gerskowitz, DDS and Miriam Natovich, DDS. Dr. Gerskowitz was born in the Ukraine and began his medical education in Russia before moving to the United States. After settling in New Jersey, Dr. Gerskowitz has thoroughly enjoyed treating patients in the surrounding communities.

Dr. Gerskowitz follows the latest advances in the dental field and utilizes only the most innovative equipment and tools. Avant Garde uses the Solea dental laser system, which is able to replace the dental drill in many procedures and causes virtually no pain and no noise.

The team also uses the dental cone beam computed tomography, a special X-ray technology that produces three-dimensional images of your soft tissues, nerve pathways, bone and teeth in just a single scan — revolutionizing dental scanning.

The Avant Garde Dental Arts New Jersey office is welcoming and specially designed to be a serene, comfortable environment where patients can relax. Patients of all ages and the whole family are welcome. The Avant Garde dental professionals cherish life-long relationships with their patients and value the importance of dental health and preventive care.

Services include checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers, laser dentistry and emergency dentistry. In addition to these in-office services, the staff takes time to educate patients on how to improve their oral health in between office visits. Avant Garde Dental Arts focuses on providing patients the highest standard of dental care with the latest technology.

Let the Avant Garde Dental Arts team help you achieve your desired smile and optimal oral health. Call the office today or click to conveniently book online.


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