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Traditional crowns typically involve a somewhat extensive and drawn-out process, but CEREC® crowns can be fitted in just one day with innovative new technology. Natural-looking and comfortable CEREC crowns allow for in-office production of top-quality crowns that’s so efficient, you’ll walk out smiling. The Avant Garde Dental Arts group is happy to provide the CEREC system for patients in Wayne, New Jersey. Call or book online today to find out more.


What are CEREC dental crowns?

Receiving traditional crowns is often a time-consuming process, but CEREC technology allows for the scanning, designing and milling of beautiful restorations right in the Avant Garde Dental Arts office. There’s no need for multiple visits and a long wait just to get your crowns — now it’s a convenient, same-day process.

Your teeth are digitally scanned and the data is sent to an in-office milling machine that creates your crown right then and there.

Why would I need CEREC crowns?

Crowns act as a cap to cover your tooth and restore broken, cracked, chipped or discolored teeth. They’re usually made from a combination of metal, porcelain or ceramic. CEREC crowns are a revolutionary technology that are all-ceramic.

How do CEREC same-day crowns work?

Your Avant Garde dentist prepares your tooth by removing the damaged parts and shaping it to get it ready to fit your restoration.

Once your tooth is prepared, the CEREC camera takes accurate mapping images of your tooth. The image is converted into a 3D computerized model of your tooth that’s used to design your restoration.

Once your dentist is content with the design, the data is sent to the milling machine right there in the office. The milling machine efficiently fabricates your new tooth from an all-ceramic, high-quality block.

The milling process typically takes less than half an hour to complete. For the finishing touches, your crown might be stained to match your teeth even more, before being polished or glazed in a special furnace. Your new crown is then cemented to your teeth.

What are the benefits of CEREC crowns?

CEREC is less complicated and more efficient than traditional crowns. There’s no temporary crown and it’s usually more affordable.

Not only is the CEREC process completed in just one day, there’s only one set of local anesthetic injections, since the entire procedure is quick.

Your Avant Garde dentist is in control of the results since it’s designed from start to finish right there in the office. With traditional crowns, your impressions are often sent to a dental lab, where your crowns are created by a technician who hasn’t ever seen you. Using state-of-the-art technology, CEREC truly gives you the most customized experience.

If you’re interested in how CEREC crowns can benefit you, call the Wayne, New Jersey, office or schedule your appointment online.