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If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you might have an infection that needs professional treatment. To remove infections and save their patients’ teeth in Wayne, New Jersey, the Avant Garde Dental Arts team provides precise, efficient root canal procedures. The Avant Garde dentists have many years of experience and are qualified to treat a range of dental complications. Call the office today or book your appointment online.

Root Canals Q&A

Why do most people need a root canal?

When your tooth becomes infected, the infection can spread to the center area of the tooth — the dental pulp. The pulp houses connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels, and all of the sensitive areas of your tooth.

When the area is infected, it can be especially painful. In this case, a root canal procedure needs to be performed as soon as possible.

How does a root canal work?

The Avant Garde dentists prioritize your comfort and use sedation dentistry to eliminate both anxiety and discomfort. From prescribing medication ahead of time to numbing the specific area, the Avant Garde team can make a root canal procedure relatively painless.

During the procedure, your Avant Garde Dental Arts dentist creates a small hole in your tooth and removes the infected dental pulp. In some cases, the roots need to be removed as well.

You only need tooth roots during tooth growth and to allow you to feel sensations like hot and cold. Once your tooth is fully matured, removing the root won’t damage your tooth, but it can effectively prevent the spread of an infection — so it’s imperative to do so when necessary.

Your dentist then cleans the area and ensures that the infection is gone. Then, they seal up the area with a special dental substance that stabilizes the tooth, and may place a filling or crown to further strengthen, restore and protect the tooth. The Avant Garde dentists provide natural-looking fillings and crowns that blend in with your teeth.

After the procedure, your dentist typically prescribes antibiotics to clear up any remaining infection.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

In the past, people had to have their teeth pulled if they became badly infected or if the pulp became inflamed.

Thanks to modern advances, teeth can be saved with a root canal. When your teeth fall out, the shape of your face can change as muscles droop; this is more common when multiple teeth fall out. A root canal allows you to keep your teeth and face shape.

Following your root canal, once your infection has gone completely, you can return to eating, chewing and speaking as normal. Effective dental restoration options include dentures, bridges, and dental implants.

For attentive and compassionate dental care including root canals, call or book online to visit Avant Garde Dental Arts.