At Avant Garde Dental Arts, you will discover that a captivating smile is just one aspect of your overall facial allure. As part of our unwavering commitment to offering comprehensive beauty solutions tailored for you, we are thrilled to provide JUVÉDERM® as a key component of our diverse treatments. This addition emphasizes our dedication to ensuring you not only achieve a brilliant smile but also enjoy a rejuvenated facial appearance that perfectly complements your dental glow.

JUVÉDERM, an acclaimed dermal filler, is renowned for its exceptional ability to help diminish signs of aging, enhance facial contours and restore volume to areas that have naturally lost their youthful fullness. Its efficacy shines, particularly around the mouth and nose — areas intrinsically connected to dental aesthetics. This ensures that you can benefit from a seamless integration of dental and dermal enhancements, all in one place.

Our expert team, while deeply rooted in the realm of dentistry, possesses an intimate understanding of facial anatomy — an essential factor for a personalized and effective application. Our expertise guarantees that each treatment is uniquely tailored to your needs, delivering results that are both natural and transformative.

By introducing JUVÉDERM to our suite of services, we are offering you a holistic approach to beauty. This means you can revel in a harmonious blend of dental and facial rejuvenation under one roof. Our promise to you is clear — to create an environment where beauty, confidence and health come together, ensuring you leave with results that truly resonate with your aesthetic desires.

If you have any questions about JUVÉDERM in Wayne and River Edge, New Jersey, and would like to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Alexander Gerskowitz, Dr. Miriam Natovich or Dr. Sandi Grace, please contact our office.