Dr. Alexander Gerskowitz, Dr. Miriam Natovich and Dr. Sandi Grace take pride in keeping pace with the latest advancements in dental technology, ensuring our patients benefit from the best of contemporary oral health practices. One innovative treatment we are particularly enthusiastic about offering is laser bacterial reduction (LBR).

Laser bacterial reduction is a forward-thinking procedure aimed at eradicating harmful bacteria that dwell in the pockets around teeth. By doing so, it ensures a deeper clean and promotes improved gum health. Every LBR treatment starts with a meticulous oral examination by our seasoned dental professionals. This comprehensive check allows us to gauge the extent of bacterial presence and tailor a treatment approach that best suits your needs.

Prioritizing your safety, we equip you with protective eyewear to safeguard against the laser before the treatment begins. Then, with precision and care, our trained staff use a specialized dental laser to target the gum pockets. This advanced technology ensures harmful bacteria are effectively eliminated without harming the adjacent tissues. And, for most patients, this innovative process is virtually painless.

Once the procedure is completed, we place emphasis on post-treatment care. Our team offers insights and guidelines to aid healing, optimize results and prevent the resurgence of harmful bacteria.

Contact us today to learn more about laser bacterial reduction in Wayne and River Edge, New Jersey, and schedule an appointment with our dentists at Avant Garde Dental Arts.